A Better Option

We started Rockland Mulch for two main reasons. 

  • Lack of competition has lead to Rockland homeowners paying extremely high markups for mulch, soil, and delivery. 
  • A passion to help Rockland homeowners create the garden or lawn of their dream. Whether they need installation and guidance, or just fairly price mulch.

Full Satisfaction Guaranteed

Being in the Mulch/Soil delivery business for over 10 years has taught us an expertise that can’t be matched. 

No other supplier in Rockland has the knowledge or passion for customer satisfaction. Choose Rockland Mulch for your mulch and soil deliveries today!

Free Delivery Anywhere In Rockland

No matter the size of your order, if you live in Rockland County, NY, we will deliver your mulch and/or soil to your property at no extra charge!

Still Have Questions?

Feel Free To Reach Out!